Modern   Communication  Technologies In Our Life

Suggested level – B1

Form 10

Viktoria Savchenko,

a teacher of English,

school # 68,

Kryvyi Rih


  • Вчити учнів вживати лексичні одиниці з теми в усному та писемному мовленні, розпізнавати на слух, одержувати основну інформацію з прослуханого, прочитаного, обмінюватись інформацією; розширити уявлення учнів про прилади інформаційних технологій, їх роль  у нашому житті.
  • Розвивати й вдосконалювати навички усного мовлення, кмітливість, здібності до порівняння, логічного викладу думок.
  • Сприяти розвитку толерантності при спілкуванні, заохочувати учнів до вивчення англійської мови.

Тип уроку: комбінований

Обладнання: комп’ютер,мультимедійний проектор, презентація до уроку, відеозаписи, аудіозапис, картки для роботи в групах, схеми та презентаційні слайди.

Завдання уроку:

  • Перевірити рівень опанування учнями лексичного матеріалу з теми «Сучасні  комунікаційні   технології у нашому житті», їхнє вміння розуміти прослухану інформацію, читати тематичні тексти, висловлювати власні думки і припущення, підводити підсумки на основі прочитаного  та прослуханого через рольову гру та за допомогою використання комп’юторної підтримки.




І. INTRODUCTION. ( 3 minutes)

T: Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you!

(Watching flash video about modern communication technologies ( Додаток 1)).

T: What do you think, children, why have I chosen this video?

S: This video is very suitable for the topic of our lesson!

T:  Welcome to our unusual lesson that is connected with Modern Communication Technologies!

Today you will:

  • Revise your vocabulary on the topic
  • Listen and read the texts and do the tasks
  • Speak about modern communication technologies and
  • Discuss on their role in our life

Do you agree with the words of Bernard Shaw:

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”( Slide 1)

S: Yes, I agree! To my mind, everything in the world changes and that’s why the world is developing!                                                                                                                                   T: O’K! It’ll be the slogan of our lesson!

Hold your hands to send a message” Good luck”

Exercise “Sending a Message( 1 minute)

( Pupils hold hands together and ‘send a message’ with the help of their hands)

T: Why have we done this exercise?

S1: For fruitful work.

S2: For our good mood!


T: I’ve got an e-mail message too. It’s from Phill Donahue. Do you know him? What is he?

S: He is an American media personality, writer  and film producer best known as the creator and host of  THE PHILL DONAHUE SHOW.

T: Yes, you are right! Listen to his message and be ready to answer my questions. (The teacher reads the message)

 Listening.  ( Slide 2)  ( 4 minutes)                       

                                    Message From  Phill Donahue

Dear students! Welcome to THE PHILL DONAHUE SHOW. It’s well-known that modern technologies are widespread throughout the world and we begin to use them more and more. What technology do people use in their life? I’m going to make a programme on the topic” Technology is making the world a better place”. It’s very interesting for me to know your opinion. The most skillful students will be greatly surprised!

 After-listening activity.

T: What show will we take part in? (S:  The Phill Donahue Show )

T:What questions do we have to discuss according to his e-mail letter?

S: What technology do people use in their life? Whether technology is really making the world a better place.

T: What interesting idea is at the end of his letter?

S: The most skillful students will be greatly surprised.

T: So, let’s start!

 Revising vocabulary  (Slide 3, 4,5) ( 3 minutes)

T: Children! Try to guess what is this?

(digital radio, mobile phone, smartphone , camcorder, portable CD player, satellite TV,  tablet, stereo, Wi-Fi modem)

Try to find the Ukrainian equivalents ( Slide 5)


Key: 1b),2c),3d),4e), 5a)

T: What technology will we speak about? Let’s begin with the most widespread ones. What are they?

S1: Mobile phone.

S2: Computers.

S3: The Internet.

Role-Play  “Studio”   

T: Let’s imagine we are at the studio of  Phil Donahue. I propose to begin our conversation.

The first point.  As we know, one of the most widespread technology is a mobile phone. So, try to complete the sentence.

I cannot live without a mobile phone because… ( Slide 6) ( 3 minutes)

The pupils are trying to complete the sentences.

S1: With the help of mobile phone I speak to my friends.

S 2: My parents  often come  back home late after work, so they always call me  to  know where I am.

S3: I play games and listen to my favourite songs with the help of my phone.

S4: If we can’t speak to anybody at certain moment we can send a message.

T: Great! Children! So, you don’t see any negative influence of the mobile phones on our life, do you? Let’s read and discuss the text!

Reading. ( Додаток 2),( Slide 7)    (2 minutes)

(Students have the cards with the text and it’s written on the multimedia board)

Although texting is a convenient and cheap method of staying in touch with your friends, it can also bring problems.  In 2005, a British teenager became the first person in the world to receive treatment for an addiction to text messaging.  In one year, the nineteen-year-old spent about £4,500 on text.  (He was sending about 700 texts a week.)  He was also addicted to email, and sent 8,000 messages in one month from his computer at work.  The treatment is working well, however, and he now spends no more than £10 a week on texts.

 After reading activity. (2 minutes)

T:  Students! What  advices  can you give  to people who spend a lot of time and money not only for text messaging, but for playing computer games or communicating online?

S1: They must learn how to stop in time.

S2: In my opinion, parents have to persuade such children to attend  any  clubs or sections,thus,  these boys or girls would not waste their time.

T: O’K! Children, you have good ideas! As you have told another widespread technology is the  computer.  We have a skype video call at our studio. Let’s  watch it!

Watching video. ( Додаток 3) ( 30 seconds)

The girl complains…

My parents don’t want to buy a computer for me.  My father says it’s too expensive and that it’s possible to study without it.  Help me, please, to persuade my father that computers are very important  nowadays!

T: So! Let’s divide in two groups and try to help this girl! Give your ideas!

Group Work ( 5 minutes)

Sample answers:


-Try to explain your parents that nowadays you can’t  do  your hometask on some subjects without the computer, for example, you can’t  listen to the English texts or use educational programmes.

-Do you write any research works? Tell your parents you need to type such woks on computer.

-Do the teachers of your school ask the pupils to make their own presentations on various topics? Explain your parents that it’s impossible without the computer!


It’s quite clear for us that the jobs of the girl’s parents aren’t connected with computers. They are not likely to hear about the conferences or webinars which are impossible to be held without computers.

-Tell your parents that you want your future profession to be connected with computers!

—   Show your father one of your favourite computer games! I’m sure he won’t be able to resist the temptation.

-Why don’t you show your mum and dad  the advantages of using the Internet? Explain that you will be able to find any information, communicate with friends and relatives, do shopping and so on!

T: O’K! O’K! Excellent! Thank you, children! Let’s sum up! Computers are used for…Try to complete the table: ( Slide 8)


T: Great! Pupils!  If I were this girl’s mother, I would certainly agree with you! You have very good arguments!

But, dear boys and girls! They say,work hard play hard!  So, let’s relax a little and sing our song about computer users.

Relaxation Break. Singing a song “I love my computer”. ( Додаток 4)

        ( 1 minute 30 seconds)


I love my computer,you make me feel alright

Every waking hour and every lonely night.

I love my computer for all you give to me

Predictable errors and no identity

And it’s never been quite so easy

I’ve never been quite so happy

All I need to do is click on you

And we’ll be joined in the most soulless way

And we’ll never ruin each others day

Cuz when I’m through I just click …and you just go away

All  right!

T:All right, children!   I see all of you really think that mobile phones and computers play an important and only positive role in our life?! Now, let’s watch a video and discuss it.

 Watching Video “  Computer Addict ” ( Додаток 5 )               (40 seconds)
T: So, haven’t you recognized any of your classmates or friends while watching this cartoon? As it was mentioned, using the Internet is the way of life for most people nowadays! Can we say that using communication technologies is only the way to improve our life!
Dear  boys and girls, let’s continue the discussion at our studio.
 Group1, your task is to express your positive attitude and   Group2  will express their negative attitude to the Internet.
Discussion “Pros and Cons (the Internet) “   (10 minutes)
Sample answers:

Безымянный2 Безымянный3 Безымянный4 Безымянный5

T: O’k! Dear future scientists! You have to agree  with the saying “Many men, many minds”! Can you  sum up? Will technology reallyl make the world a better place?

S 1: We are lucky to live and study today, when there are a lot of great inventions in the world, but It’s very important to learn how to use technology to improve our life and to concentrate on searching the information for studying and expanding our horizons!

T: Great! Thank you! You are right!

Writing ( 4 minutes)

T: Let’s send our messages to the studio of  Phill Donahue. Your task in groups is to complete the sentences. Write down your ideas in your copy-books, then we’ll choose the best ones and send them to the USA.( Slide 9)  

The pupils complete the sentences in written form, in groups.

Technology will make the world a better place because:

— With the help of computers we can…

— With the help of the Internet we can…

-With the help of mobile phone we can…

— Some nanotechnologies can help to …


T: Good for you! Children, as for surprise from Phill Donahue. He is online with us now. Be attentive!

Message 2 ( from Phill Donahue )  (Slide 10)  ( 30 seconds)

Dear students! With the help of modern technology I had a chance to watch your work and listen to the  discussion at your studio. It was a casting! The most skillful students will go to the USA to take part in my show!

III. Summing-Up. ( Slide 11) ( 5 minutes)

T: So! Who was the most skillful today and what marks have you got?

Method “Press”. Complete the sentences:

  • Today at the lesson I have known that… ( Phill Donahue is a presenter of  TV show in the USA.  Technology will make the world a better place because of many reasons)
  • I know such words as …(digital radio, digital camera, smart phone, nanobot, camcorder, portable CD player, satellite TV, tablet, stereo )
  • Now I know…( that mobile phones, computers, the Internet are very important nowadays, but we mustn’t use them very often and learn ourselves to stop in time.)
  • I also know that B. Shaw once said “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” and I agree with his words)
  • The lesson was ( wasn’t) interesting because…(The lesson was really interesting because we felt ourselves in the real studio, discussed on  the role of modern technologies in our life, watched  the video, worked in groups)
  • In my opinion, my mark is…

( The pupils are proposed to show their roles at the lesson with the help of the hands. Exercise ”Measuring My Results”)

  1. Home Assignment.( Slide 12) (1 minute)

Prepare your own report about the role of technology in our life, your own presentations.

T: I liked your work at the lesson, you were very active and full of energy! Our work was really fruitful! Thank you, children! Good bye!



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  Сards for pupils  with the text for reading                                  Додаток 2


Although texting is a convenient and cheap method of staying in touch with your friends, it can also bring problems.  In 2005, a British teenager became the first person in the world to receive treatment for an addiction to text messaging.  In one year, the nineteen-year-old spent about £4,500 on text.  (He was sending about 700 texts a week.)  He was also addicted to email, and sent 8,000 messages in one month from his computer at work.  The treatment is working well, however, and he now spends no more than £10 a week on texts.

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