Subject: The countries of the European Union



Practical: to activate Ss’ ability to state their thoughts in a logical way;

                   to teach Ss to present the information;

 Educational: to extend Ss’ knowledge about the countries of the European Union;

                          to teach Ss to respect the culture and peculiarities of other nations;

Developing:   to develop Ss ’memory, creativity and attention;

Equipment:  a laptop, handouts, the multimedia projector, a video and a Power Point presentation.


                                                                      I  The beginning of the lesson

While Ss are getting ready for the lesson the music to the song « Bright blue the sky» is playing.

1 Greeting.

Teacher:  Good afternoon, pupils! Welcome to our European Union festival! Today we are going to travel across Europe and visit some European countries which belong to the EU.

Do you know what the EU is?

2 Lexical warm-up          

P1: On the 25th of March in 1957 six  countries agreed to form the organization of European economical unity. These countries were France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

T: Let’s repeat the names of the countries…

Ss drill the pronunciation of the countries.

P2: In 1973 Denmark, Ireland and GB joined them and in 1981 Greece became a member of the EU. Then, Spain and Portugal in 1986, Austria and Finland in 1995.

T: Let’s repeat the names of the countries again …(Ss drill the pronunciation of the countries.)

P3: In May 2004 the EU extended due to membership of Cyprus, Malta, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia!

T: Now, let’s repeat these names of the countries …(Ss drill the pronunciation of the countries.)

P4: Some countries are still on the way to the EU. They are candidate countries: Albania, Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, the former Yugoslav Republic. Among potential countries candidates are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Ukraine.

T: Well done children, let’s repeat the names of the next countries …(Ss drill the pronunciation of the countries. )

T: Nowadays, The EU is made up of 28 European countries that share the same democratic values and are committed to working together for the common good.

We commemorate the day of Europe together with the Victory Day in the Second World War. We can’t forget about those who gave their lives for peace and common wealth of further generations. On that day we appreciate our common goals and our common future


                                                  II The main body of the lesson

P1: And now we are going on a journey. Do you like travelling and sightseeing?

(учень тримає кульку на паличці, діти беруться за руки)

We are going to travel across Europe. Please, join us.

P2: ( дивиться в підзорну трубу)

We are flying over the sunny Italy. Great history, beautiful language, delicious cuisine! Italy is the country of warmth and sunny weather. Venice, Rome, Florence- palaces, cathedrals, churches, towers……….

(Dialogue in Italian)

P3: Ciao!

P4: Ciao!

P3: Come salute?

P4: Bene, grazie!


P1: And now, we are approaching Spain! Gentle wind is moving us forward. Great explorers and discoverers started their journey from Spanish ports, such as Columbus and Magellan.

(Dialogue in Spanish)

P5: Dia bueno!

P6: Hola!

P5: Como estas?

P6 Gracias, bien!


P2: ( дивиться в підзорну трубу)

Our next stop is Greece. The Greek are very talented in culture, music and literature. Do you know what the word “spartian” means?……..It means strict. Such was the life of spartian boys from the age of 7. They were patient and pleased with small amount of food. And now, let’s travel further!

P7: Kαλημέρα!

P8: Kαλημέρα!

P7: Τι κάνετε?

P8: καλός!


P1: What do I hear? Coco Chanel, Pierre Cardin! Look, the Eiffel Tower! We are above France!


P9: Bonjour!

P10: Bonjour!

P9: Comment?a va?

P10:?a va bien, merci!


P2: Oh, I’m a little bit cold. It’s north-western wind! It’s moving us to England. Oh, my God, I see the queen! And she seems to have noticed me, too. I see the famous Big Ben. It’s so high! Its height is 98 meters! England is a country of rich traditions and culture. Oh, I see the theatre of Shakespeare!

P1: Yes, it’s called “The Globe”.

P11: How do you do!

P12: How do you do!

P 11: How are you?

P12: I’m fine thank you! See you soon, bye!

P11: Bye!


T: It is a very spectacular journey! And we continue it watching a short video about GB and its way of membership to the EU. You may find it interesting and amusing. / “ Britain in Europe”/


T: Did you like the video?

What countries of the EU were mentioned in the video?

What is the national currency of the UK?

What is the currency of France?

What products did you notice at the markets?

Why may British people  feel separate from

Ss give their answers.


And now, let’s check your understanding.

The handouts are given to the Ss and they read the sentences and do their task.


T: Well done,children! Молодці!

Що ви думаєте про Європу?

Р5: Європа – багатолика, велика, близька, велика

Р6: Європа – наш спільний дім

Р7: Європа – колиска усіх країн!

Разом: Шляхом єдиним прямуй до мети,

Європа – це дім, де живем я і ти!

P8:  Усі ми різні, бо ми народ!

Усі ми рівні, шукай, знаходь!

Хай буде мир на всій землі!

Країни – різні, а ми – одні!

T: Чудово! Brilliant!

And now, your classmate, Alya, wrote her own poem and we want to ask her to recite it!


I want to travel, I want to see

the wonderful world around me.

Europe is a fantastic place!

I like Bulgaria, Spain and Wales.

These countries are about twenty-nine

I think they all are a dream of mine!

But our country is the best!

I like its East, I like its West!

T: Brilliant!

P1: Our journey has come to the end and we are coming back to Ukraine. We’ve been travelling across Europe and now we are full of great feelings. We’ve learnt a lot of new and interesting about culture, traditions of different European countries.

T: And now, let’s sing the song” Bright blue the sky”

All sing the song together.

Bright blue the sky,
Sun up on high —
That was the little boy s picture.
He drew for you,
Wrote for you, too
Just to make clear what he drew.

May there always be sunshine,
May there always be blue skies,
May there always be mommy,
May there always be me!

My little friend,
Listen, my friend,
Peace is the dream of the people.
Hearts old and young
Never have done
Singing the song you have sung.


                           III The end of the lesson

Summarizing of the lesson